The Victoria Falls Rainforest area is composed of ever green and dense vegetation nourished by the constant sprays from the waterfalls. The rainforest area is fenced and commonly seen animals in this area includes warthogs, bush bucks, baboons and monkeys.

The Victoria Falls Rainforest
Victoria Falls Rainforest Catchment area

The Victoria Falls rainforest covers only a small section of the Victoria Falls Park. It stretches from the western end of the park, on Cataract and Livingstone Islands and opposite the Main Falls, on the Zimbabwe side, where the never ending rain from the shadow of the Falls supports the development of a rich and diverse plant community. This diverse flora in turn supports a varied diversity of insects, amphibians, birds and mammals.

The clouds of spray which are forced up from the gorge and rise into the sky are a permanent feature of the Victoria Falls. Best seen in the early morning cool air, the column of spray is often viewable from many miles away, although its height and visibility vary greatly due to local conditions, and of course the volume of the Zambezi’s flow.

Formation of the Rainforest

The Victoria Falls rainforest is an extension of the natural river-bank where vegetation in this region is dependent on the spray from the waterfall. The trees and shrubs found in the rainforest are also found along the river banks and islands upstream of the Falls, signifying that the Victoria Falls rainforest is an extension of the natural riverbank.

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