The United States Dollar is the official currency acceptable for payments in Zimbabwe. There is also a local currency which is rated to US Dollar, known as a Bond Note or RTGS. Bond notes can only be used for some purchases within Zimbabwe. You should take extra caution on the disparity between US Dollar and Bond notes as the rates are subject to change everyday.
You can also pay for things in Sterling, Euro, Rand or Pula in some places basing on current exchange rates.
Banks in Zimbabwe have ATM machines but there is shortages of cash, thus you must bring enough cash with you, as there is none available in the banks.

Credit Cards

MasterCard and Visa cards are now acceptable for most hotels, shops, restaurants and activity operators in Zimbabwe. NOTE THAT THE American Express and Travelers cheque IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.

Entry Visas at the ports of entry and also entrance fees for the Victoria Falls rain-forest can be paid for using credit card.

Machines for POS may occasionally fail to work thus we advise people traveling into Zimbabwe to have a reserve of cash in these instances. We also advise travelers to book and pay for as much as you can in advance so that you don’t have any problems whilst here.


National Park fees is paid in hard cash, thus if you are doing activities like helicopter flights, sunset cruises, rafting, game drives among other activities, please check with us first if there is need to bring cash. There are also purchases for small amounts that we do not warrant a credit card fee transaction, thus we advise you to bring some cash for such purchases

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