Best time of day to visit the Victoria Falls – Zimbabwe

The park has early opening hours, which during some times of the year (February to September) allows you to catch the sunrise from inside the park. This is a highly recommended, as not only is it a spectacular sight but the park is often very quiet at that time of day and you can end up having a natural wonder of the world all to yourself. Specialised sunrise photographic tours are also available.

During the morning the rainbows are excellent over Devils Cataract as the sun is behind you looking east to west, but the best time to catch rainbows in the perfect position over main falls is between 2pm and 4pm. These are the classic rainbows as seen on postcards. Specialised photographic rainbow tours are also available, whereby the guide knows the position of the rainbows throughout the year and can guide and place you in the perfect spot at the right time.

During the middle of the day the sun is overhead so the rainbows are not clearly visible and would only be seen right at the bottom of the gorge.

After 4pm the sun is getting a bit low and the rainbows are high in the sky or not visible at all and shadows are starting to be cast on the Falls themselves. Although it’s a magical time of day, if you are only visiting the Falls once then don’t go in after 4pm as you are not seeing them at their most glorious.

The best place to view the late afternoon is from Danger point (#15) but remember that the gate closes at 6pm and you are at the most furthest point from the exit gate, so allow enough time. You will not be able to watch the sunset from this point, as there is just not enough time.

Best things to do in Victoria Falls

There are unlimited number of unforgettable and best things to do in Victoria Falls, from cultural/educational activities to safari, the mildly adventurous to the raging adrenaline junkie activities. These activities offered will make a stay in Victoria Falls an unforgettable one, given that there is just so much to do when you are there. The Following are some of the best things to do in Victoria Falls.

Top 5 things to do in Victoria Falls:

Zambezi River Sunset Boat Cruises above Vic Falls

zambezi sunset cruiseHelicopter & Microlight Flights over Vic Falls – Flight of Angels

helicopter flight

Victoria Falls Helicopter flight

Bungee Jumping at Victoria Falls

bungee in victoria falls

bungee in victoria falls

White Water Rafting on the Zambezi River

White Water Rafting

Chobe Day trip (Botswana) from Victoria Falls

Please visit here or more fantastic and exciting activities.

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