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Devils Pool and Livingstone Island Tour Victoria Falls

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The Devils Swimming Pool and Livingstone Island Tour is only available from the Zambian side of Victoria Falls usually between July and December Every Year.

Devils Pool History & Location

The Livingstone Island was opened in 1992 to provide exclusive and unique picnics on the edge of the Victoria Falls. It is a protected area with a maximum of 24 people allowed on at any one time. The utmost care is taken to protect and preserve the natural habitat of the area.

It is an awesome once in a lifetime experience and the operation is extremely well managed and run, with safety being a high priority.

When the water level of the Zambezi is too high, the island is completely closed, so neither the “Island Tour” or the “Devils Swim” are open. As the water level drops, the “Island Tour” opens but the water is still too high to swim in the Pools. As the water level drops even further, first the “Angel Pool” then the “Devil Pool” opens allowing both the “Island tour” and the “Devils Swim” to be done. This happens in reverse when the river is rising.

The activities remain the same price regardless of whether both activities are done or not. You can do the Island Tour and it is not compulsory to Swim in the Devils Pool, it is a personal choice.

Devils Pool Availability

The Devils swimming Pool is available for an even shorter period as the water level has to be really low to allow for safe swimming.
Although variable every year this is normally from late July to early January.

Angel Pool Availability

Approximately mid July to late August and early January through till mid February.

Livingstone Island Availability

The Livingstone Island tour is seasonal and can only be done when the water level of the Zambezi River is low enough to allow safe access to Livingstone Island.
This is from approximately late June to early March.

Choice of Trips available

TripDepart via VF ShuttleMeetDepart from RLH
Morning Breezer 16:157:157:30
Morning Breezer 28:158:459:00
Morning Breezer 39:1510:1510:30
High Tea14:1515:1515:30

Five trips are offered throughout the day (details below) each trip lasting about 1.5 to 2 hrs. The departure or meeting place is by the deck at the Royal Livingstone Hotel where you will meet your guides and be given an introduction of what to expect, as well as a safety talk.

From there a five minute boat ride speeds you through the current of the Zambezi River, twisting and turning as the captain navigates his way through the rocky channels, this in itself is an exhilarating experience as you head towards the rising column of spray from the Victoria Falls.

Once on the sandy and rocky island, you are greeted by the island staff with a traditional Maheu energy drink made from maize meal and are then led to the very edge of the Falls on the east of the island overlooking Horseshoe and Rainbow Falls. In 2005 a commemorative plaque was erected here to commemorate 150 years since Livingstone’s first arrival.

The guides then lead you to the west of the island overlooking Main Falls. Wow… what a magnificent view, as the main torrent of water gushes over the basalt precipice. It’s like no other view of the Falls and gives a completely different perspective to the views one gets from the path through the Rainforest on the other side of the canyon.

During the morning trips, if it’s sunny day, the rainbows are just incredible. It’s truly jaw dropping and honestly I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Now is your chance to jump into the Devils Pool if you wish, this is not compulsory and is only if you feel comfortable. Stripping down to your swimming costume (they have spares just in case you thought you weren’t brave enough, but have now suddenly worked up the courage) your guide leads you and explains your route.

You swim slightly upstream in a very slow current, being a strong swimmer is not a prerequisite. A safety rope is also in place as an added precaution. You then climb out on another rocky outcrop close to the edge of the Falls and the Devils Pool.

The Devils Pool itself is a deep natural pool that has been created by thousands of years of erosion, but what is unique about it is that there is a rock ledge on the lip of the Falls, where the water is only a few centimetres deep. This natural barrier is what allows you to jump into the deep pool but not get swept over the edge.

You can now lie on this rock lip at the edge of the Devils Pool and look right into the 103m chasm of the Falls, with huge torrents of water flowing just meters away. The guides will take photos and video of you with your camera if you have one.

The Devils Pool has a real adrenaline high and people who have experienced it Love it!. Once back on Livingstone Island you will be treated to either breakfast, lunch or snacks depending the the time of day you have gone.

Your boat then whisks you back to the mainland at Royal Livingstone Hotel (RLH). A Magical experience!


Quick facts

Location Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Date 07 July, 2019

Registration Closed

victoria falls marathon

About Econet Victoria Falls Marathon

Developed in conjunction with the
National Athletics Association of Zimbabwe, the Victoria Falls Marathon
race is an AIMS (Association of International Marathon and Distance
Races) registered event. The marathon race provides a platform for both
local and international runners to pit themselves against the best! The
marathon race route is fast and relatively flat and is well supported by
regular water points and cooling down sections, all ably managed by the

A full 42.2km marathon race, 21.2km half marathon run
and a 7.5km fun run is available. The marathon race route starts in the
car park outside the banks/Ilala Lodge entrance,  then crosses over the
Vic Falls Bridge, briefly into Zambia offering the social runner some of
the most spectacular scenery in Africa, the route continues through the
Zambezi National Park with some great views of the river, and ends at
the Victoria Falls primary school.  

The Full Marathon is a
‘double loop’.  There are plenty of water points along the way to keep
you refreshed, and you may even glimpse wildlife !Besides the
breathtaking landscapes, you will encounter on the marathon race there
is plenty more to do and see. Known as the adventure centre of Africa,
for good reason, the Victoria Falls has a wealth of activities
available! Choose one of the standard travel packages, or tailor-make
your own by combining the marathon race with some rafting, canoeing,
boat cruising, game viewing, an elephant back safari or even a bungee
jump! Safaris in neighbouring Botswana and Zambia are also available
through Wild Frontiers the official organiser of the Victoria Falls
marathon race. Wild Frontiers would be happy to furnish you with details
of travel packages in the surrounding region and make all your travel
arrangements for you. In addition, there are daily flights from
Johannesburg to the falls, which makes linking from international
flights to the region easy.


Full Marathon

  • 42.195km

Half Marathon

  • 21.098km

Fun Run

  • 7.5km

Victoria Falls Entrance Fees – Zimbabwe

The Victoria falls spans almost 1.7 kilometres and split between Zimbabwe and Zambia. In Zimbabwe, the Victoria Falls is located within the Victoria Falls National Park and in Zambia, it is located in the Mosi-Oa-Tunya National Park. In order to see the entire length of this the largest waterfall in the world, you will need to enter via two gates in two different countries although people will generally choose one Victoria Falls entrance based on which country they are staying.

The Victoria Falls spanning across two countries - Zimbabwe (left) and Zambia (right)
Victoria Falls spanning across two countries – Zimbabwe (left) and Zambia (right)

The two entrance gates are close to both border posts, with the Victoria Falls Bridge connecting them. Apart from these two entrances the only other way to see the Falls is from Livingstone island, from the air, from below either rafting or a boiling pot hike or a small section from the bridge.

The Victoria Falls entrance in Zimbabwe

The Victoria Falls entrance in Zimbabwe

The entrance to the rainforest is on the left side of the road. You will need to check in at the booth on the left of the gate, produce your passport or identification card (if you are SADC or Zimbabwean), and the parks cashier will let you know the charges. This payment covers a single entry to the Victoria Falls. So if you decide to exit, you will need to pay again to re-enter. Payment can be made in cash or via credit/debit card – (MasterCard or Visa).

Current Victoria Falls Entrance Fees Zimbabwe

CategoryEntrance Fee
International visitorsUS$ 30
SADC visitorsUS$ 20
Zimbabwean visitorsUS$ 7
Evening viewing including during the Lunar tour (all visitors)US$ 40
*All children between 6 and 12 years old pay 50% of the adult fee, and children under 6 enter free of charge
* These fees are for a single entry, if you exit you have to pay again. Your day ticket does not cover your night entry fee

Victoria Falls National Park Opening Hours

Summer (1st September to 14th May) – Opens 06h00 and Closes 18h00 – reopens at 19h00 till 22h00
Winter (15th May to 1st September) – Opens 06h30 and Closes 18h00– reopens at 19h00 till 22h00

Map of the viewpoints in the Victoria Falls Rainforest, Zimbabwe

Best time of day to visitthe Victoria Falls – Zimbabwe

The park has early opening hours, which during some times of the year (February to September) allows you to catch the sunrise from inside the park. This is a highly recommended, as not only is it a spectacular sight but the park is often very quiet at that time of day and you can end up having a natural wonder of the world all to yourself. Specialised sunrise photographic tours are also available.

During the morning the rainbows are excellent over Devils Cataract as the sun is behind you looking east to west, but the best time to catch rainbows in the perfect position over main falls is between 2pm and 4pm (pictured below). These are the classic rainbows as seen on postcards. Specialised photographic rainbow tours are also available, whereby the guide knows the position of the rainbows throughout the year and can guide and place you in the perfect spot at the right time.

During the middle of the day the sun is overhead so the rainbows are not clearly visible and would only be seen right at the bottom of the gorge.

After 4pm the sun is getting a bit low and the rainbows are high in the sky or not visible at all and shadows are starting to be cast on the Falls themselves. Although it’s a magical time of day, if you are only visiting the Falls once then don’t go in after 4pm as you are not seeing them at their most glorious.

The best place to view the late afternoon is from Danger point (#15) but remember that the gate closes at 6pm and you are at the most furthest point from the exit gate, so allow enough time. You will not be able to watch the sunset from this point, as there is just not enough time.

Do’s & Don’ts when touring the Victoria Falls

The Victoria Falls is essentially a safe place as long as you use your good judgement and don’t break the rules or do anything silly..

• There are wild animals in the Victoria Falls National Park, and that includes the rainforest. While there aren’t any common predators, you may come across the more nervous species such as warthog and bushbuck, or the cheeky monkeys and baboons (hide your food!). Be sure to keep your distance and never feed the animals. Keep an eye out for snakes along the path as well but generally they are more scared of you than you are of them.
• Stay on the designated paths at all times.
• The barriers along the way are there to keep you safe, so do not cross them. Beyond the barriers, you risk falling down a sheer cliff.
• Make sure that you have a protective kit for your cameras and passports because you will get wet while walking through the rainforest.
• Some spots along the path are slippery and are at a gradient, so wear shoes that have good grip and are comfortable to walk in. You will be walking at least 2kms from point #1 to the edge near the bridge, so avoid anything too tight and/or heavy.
• At Danger Point, there are no barriers and during high water season, the rocks are very slippery. Exercise extreme caution at this point of your tour.
• Like all nature reserves, Victoria Falls National Park is protected area. Therefore, you are not allowed to take samples of the natural habitat. Take nothing but photographs, and leave nothing but footprints.
• Don’t use Drones, if you are caught you will face a hefty penalty and a lot of red tape.

The Victoria Falls Rainforest

The Victoria Falls Rainforest area is composed of ever green and dense vegetation nourished by the constant sprays from the waterfalls. The rainforest area is fenced and commonly seen animals in this area includes warthogs, bush bucks, baboons and monkeys.

The Victoria Falls Rainforest
Victoria Falls Rainforest Catchment area

The Victoria Falls rainforest covers only a small section of the Victoria Falls Park. It stretches from the western end of the park, on Cataract and Livingstone Islands and opposite the Main Falls, on the Zimbabwe side, where the never ending rain from the shadow of the Falls supports the development of a rich and diverse plant community. This diverse flora in turn supports a varied diversity of insects, amphibians, birds and mammals.

The clouds of spray which are forced up from the gorge and rise into the sky are a permanent feature of the Victoria Falls. Best seen in the early morning cool air, the column of spray is often viewable from many miles away, although its height and visibility vary greatly due to local conditions, and of course the volume of the Zambezi’s flow.

Formation of the Rainforest

The Victoria Falls rainforest is an extension of the natural river-bank where vegetation in this region is dependent on the spray from the waterfall. The trees and shrubs found in the rainforest are also found along the river banks and islands upstream of the Falls, signifying that the Victoria Falls rainforest is an extension of the natural riverbank.

Best things to do in Victoria Falls

There are unlimited number of unforgettable and best things to do in Victoria Falls, from cultural/educational activities to safari, the mildly adventurous to the raging adrenaline junkie activities. These activities offered will make a stay in Victoria Falls an unforgettable one, given that there is just so much to do when you are there. The Following are some of the best things to do in Victoria Falls.

Top 5 things to do in Victoria Falls:

Zambezi River Sunset Boat Cruises above Vic Falls

zambezi sunset cruiseHelicopter & Microlight Flights over Vic Falls – Flight of Angels

helicopter flight

Victoria Falls Helicopter flight

Bungee Jumping at Victoria Falls

bungee in victoria falls

bungee in victoria falls

White Water Rafting on the Zambezi River

White Water Rafting

Chobe Day trip (Botswana) from Victoria Falls

Please visit here or more fantastic and exciting activities.

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